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Find Your Space | Vol. Nine

3/25/2016 |


If you've made it this far, chances are some part of the COLLECTIVE gospel has struck a chord with you. Perhaps you saw a space or read a story and, "Yes," you proclaimed, "more of this!". And you see, it seems we have that in common. Because at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we unquestionably practice what we preach. We know that the space in which you surround yourself is a key player in the production that is the life you live. It is your set and your sanctuary, and it should be treated with the utmost dignity. We believe in taking the time to set the mood for the day to day, not just the dinner parties. We believe in making your home warm and inviting while you're still in it, and not just when you're sprucing it up to sell. We believe in making every moment matter, because it's the little ones that add up. We believe in candles, and art, and--whether it's hosting cocktails before the ballet or watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon by yourself--we must insist you enjoy your space to its full potential. And yes, our COLLECTIVE clergy concur. Whether they've set up shop in Ogden, the Aves, the Cove, or Provo, our people believe in the importance of their space just as much as they believe in the importance of yours. And so for this, the ninth edition of our Find Your Space campaign, we've decided to bring you into the home of one of our own.

this soaring space hits every mark 

In each ad in this campaign, we like to showcase a client that we've helped--in some way--to finally find their space. We helped them buy and design a cozy family casa; we helped him find and design a posh downtown eatery, and we're currently helping them sell their dreamy, custom modern on the hill. Fact is, we like helping all types of folks buy, sell, and design their spaces. And if some of those folks happen to fall under the COLLECTIVE employee umbrella, well, then, hell yeah. Perhaps you've seen Miss Lauren Bald's pretty mug around our site a time or two before; she's been holding it down as a definitive task master extraordinaire around these parts for the past three and a half years. She's the veritable Peter Venkman of the office--the instinctual answer to "Who you gonna call?" Girl gets it done, and gets it done well. With a degree in interior design, she's also got quite the keen eye, to boot. She's aided our capitan Cody Derrick on a handful of design projects (see here and here), and has been known to spearhead a staging project (or 20). Woman is a worker, ain't no doubt, but she also knows the importance of loving where you live. Which is why, about this time last year, when a dreamy little unit at the Bonneville Tower came available for the right price, this first-time buyer enlisted Cody's help in snapping it up (read all about it here). All told, the beauty came in at just under 200k, but you wouldn't guess it was any less than five from the way she's styled it to perfection. With stark whites, vintage accents, and a few slightly-thuggish touches (for authenticity's sake), Lauren mostly lets the city views do the talking. Mixing velvet, glass, gold, concrete, and a rug of which dreams (and potentially clouds) are made, this soaring space hits every mark.


It's a pretty but never-too-polished vibe

This shoot was inspired by the lady herself: silks, tattoos, succulents, (faux) furs, a token bottle of San Pellegrino, and--of course--her other half, Pickle the pup. It's a pretty but never-too-polished vibe, and you can safely assume that Best of '90s Hip Hop was coolly coming through the speakers mid-shoot. Mr. Matt McDowell snapped the beautiful behind-the-scenes shots for your perusal, and as ever, George Oakley came through with an enchanting end result. The final ad, which you'll find prettily printed in the spring edition of Utah Style & Design, is luxe, elegant, and quintessentially Lauren. And therein lies the concept: finding your space is all that matters. Big or small; old or new; bungalow or high rise. Living luxuriously doesn't have to cost it. We do it all, and we do it all for you.

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