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Any genuine community keeps in its heart a common value. One that holds it together and helps it orient back to itself. Ours, is home. And it takes a village to make one. But it takes a community to Be one. 

This COLLECTIVE of ours has been in the business of making homes for ourselves and our clients for twenty years now. A commitment that has taken hundreds of people when you consider all the moving parts. Between the person who brews the coffee and the person who makes the molding, a whole world of house-loving humans pitch in to make a home-life. Today is as good a time as any to consider the folks who make it their business to help us all shelter well. To the artists and the makers and the inspectors, electricians, and plumbers and gardeners, to the architects and designers and friends; in every place we love living, we have had support in making it so. What an ideal community to exist within, a particularly inspiring quality of people with big hearts, steady hands, and focused minds. What luck to be a part of such a beautiful home-worshiping community. Truly.

Life is grounded in this place. And you, are our shared value. 

It is the ultimate gift to not just live surrounded by home lovers, but to have the opportunity over the years to meet and mingle and grow with so many folks who have taken the ultimate step toward home, becoming one. To find and reconcile our very selves as the safe house we seek. To embody all of the loftiest concepts we have for home is the ultimate act of sovereignty. And is ironically, not done alone. We are surrounded by people who are comfortable in their skin. We grow up as adults when we stop believing that all our comfort comes from the environment around us. Although we honor its influence. To be truly free as humans, is to have a mind that can stand alone, but also a body to come home to. 

To be both embodied and mindful tends to create a harmony whose resting place is usually in the heart. What a joy to feel so encouraged by the village we make a home in. What a gift to be surrounded by clients, colleagues, coaches, teachers, educators, sages, and stewards of the home that we all are, individually and collectively. 

Home in body, and home in house, is a combination that births all the possibilities in the cosmos. What a joy to be here. In our bodies. In our houses. With this community. At this time. With these friends, and this breath. After all these years, we still love where we live. 

Thank you, home—sweet, sweet home.

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