CHC in PC | Yeah, We Do That

7/18/2014 |
Jess Downer + Renata Stone - Big Bear Photo Co.

We love Salt Lake City [like, duh]. From Marmalade to the Cove, from Emigration to Rose Park, we just can’t get enough of our salty streets and the citizens that walk ‘em. Touting the word of locals-done-good and noteworthy business is our bread and butter, y’all, and we’ll forever be true to our South Temple roots--but Park City? Yeah, we do that, too. Though we may be building ourselves a handsome rep for slanging amazing spaces down in the Valley, make no mistake--we've long been kicking it up in the hills. We recently tucked a few peeps into their new PC digs, and we’ll do it for you, too [should you be itching to move up in elevation]. Looking to get city-side again [or for the very first time]? We can move you down, too.

We aim to wagon train up the eastern trail as often as our crazy-side-of-busy schedules allow [see here, here and here], and a few weekends ago, the stars aligned and a handful of us had--gasp!--a day off. We took a trek up the canyon to visit our sister-wife city to the east, and we’ll be damned if all that mountain air’s not doing her a mess of good. She’s looking better than ever, and our COLLECTIVE crew spent the day taking in some of her finer points: people-watching on Main Street, ogling the gaggle of uh-may-zing goodies at Hathenbruck, and sipping dreamy lattes at Publik Coffee Roasters, to name but a few. Pitch-perfect weather and even better company warrants a scrummy meal, so we headed over to High West Distillery to get whiskey-ed away on a magic carpet ride of fine meats and perfectly-paired cocktails.

A while back, we were gifted a golden ticket to enjoy the “Distiller’s Dinner” by one Mr. Lewis Francis [of SL Modern fame]. Never ones to look a mid mod-loving gift horse in the mouth, we heartily accepted, packed up the pea green Wagon Queen Family Truckster, and rambled on up to the City of Sundance. Elk chops? Check. Pan-seared Utah Trout? Check. S’mores? Hell yes. Heaps of hat-tips all around to Mr. Francis, to High West Distillery for making us feel straight-baller for a day, and to Miss Jenny Goolsby for gettin’ us in the door. [And Cowboy Reggie, the door-greeter? You had us at “hello”.] There’s a goldmine of good people and good shit up in Park City, folks. Spouting off about SLC isn't our only order of business. Residents of P.C., bring us your artists, your designers, your culinary connoisseurs, your owners of dope houses. Non-residents: Get on up Parley’s and enjoy the city away from the city for a day. Looking to set up camp a little longer? Let us know. Be it luxury, modern, condo, or otherwise…we'll get you into the Park City space of your mountainous dreams. 'Cause, yeah...we do that, too.

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