CHC HQ | Anniversary Article

3/14/2014 | Amy Tibbals

It's officially been one full year* since we picked up, packed up, and re-filed our COLLECTIVE belongings in a new space. We're unquestionably in love with our South Temple digs, and a move like that is worth celebratin' [we sing it on the daily to our happy clients]. Full disclosure, we're busy as hell. But where better to sort out the chaos than this amazing space?

Lucky for us, the good folks at Estero Magazine happen to agree that it's worth talking about. A couple of months ago, they approached us regarding an article, and we jumped on board. Estero just happens to be an international city guide to luxe living, fashion, and home decor...and a damn fine place for us to see our goods in print. The first article, covering Cody's Maryland casa, was a beautifully-put-together piece on the merits of his eclectic, monochromatic, minimalist design [which can be seen here in our Press section]. The article below, however, is a sweet and simple ode to our office. Apropos, right? Happy anniversary, baby. And a million thanks to Estero for the lovely, lovely shout.

*If you've never seen our space and you happen to be in the neighborhood today between 3:00pm and 7:00pm, drop in and shake our hands, would ya? We'll be hanging around and chattin' it up with a few snacks and light sips. See you real soon.

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