Adobe Utah Technology Campus

6/29/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

I speak often to the importance of loving where you live. As it so happens, I'm just as adamant that you love where you work. Your happiness depends on both, actually. Thus, in the interest of conquering some simple math, we have an equation that will answer both calls. Live in Utah + work at Adobe = hooray.

It seems like a foolproof fix, people. According to Forbes' ranking of "America's Best Places to Live", Utah was ranked number one. Not second, or a humble position in the top ten...first [we happen to agree with all our might]. Couple that with Adobe's landing on the list of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For, 2012" [for the 13th consecutive year, no less], and simple math becomes your best ally. The Adobe Utah Technology Campus will soon be a massive, modern, thriving part of Utah [a few stats can be found below the photos], and we trust that Forbes and Fortune know what they're talking about. We have personal proof; my brother-in-law, Jeff, has lived in Utah and worked for Adobe for years...happy. Our new clients, Eva and David, are relocating to Utah for the same, simple reason [Adobe]...also happy.

COLLECTIVELY speaking, we're really happy about the building. See for yourself -- it's a beautiful and modern project, to be modest. We stopped on our return trip from the Buddhist retreat, and we were aptly impressed. You should be, too. It's a big deal.

Project statistics:

38-acre lot, 19 acres on each side of Cabelas Blvd.
230,000 feet of office space
40,000 feet of amenity space
Indoor/outdoor cafe, full-size, indoor basketball court, exercise facility, showers and locker rooms, bike lockers
Large, outdoor, grass recreation area adjacent to cafe
Seating for more than 1,000 employees
Building will bridge 90 feet across Cabelas Blvd. at a 17.5' clearance
Building will be 4-5 stories tall, stand over 70' above the road, and will be built on 60-foot deep concrete piles
Project total cost $100+ million
Construction of phase one began June, 2011 with completion anticipated in October, 2012
Adobe's campus could be expanded to accommodate future growth and become as large as 600,000 square feet with space for up to 3,000 employees
Timing of future phases will be dictated by future growth
State-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems provide exceptional energy efficiency
The building will be LEED certified
Okland Construction is the general contractor


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