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Find Your Space | Vol. Five

  • March 6, 2015



    We fall deeper in love with our salty city every day, and we grow crazier about our clients by the minute, so you can bet that every time we spot one of our Find Your Space ads within the pages of Utah Style & Design, our COLLECTIVE hearts skip a beat. The whole campaign started off swimmingly one full year ago with the incomparable David, and was followed by the dreamy Jess & Nata. Next was debonair Marc Anthony, and you may have seen the Chiaramonte clan gracing the pages of the Tribune last month. We love our people, we love killer spaces, and goddammit, we love when we can bring ‘em together. For this campaign’s 5th installment, we bring you something a little different.

    You may know Scott Evans from just about everywhere around SLC. He’s the [adorable] face behind so many of our favorite things: Pago, Finca, and 9th & 9th’s newest addition, East Liberty Tap House. When Scott was looking to move Finca into some new digs downtown, he rang up our very own Cody Derrick [who was stoked, to say the least]. Cody acted as real estate agent and interior designer [with help from our Lauren Bald] for the new space, and the result is one long strand of ooooohs and aaaaahs.

    Since its grand opening at the first of December, this spot has become a second home to most of our COLLECTIVE crew. Deep, deep, blues, plenty of brass accents, and an array of cozy lounge-like furnishings, we’re apt to spend hours on end here without batting an eye. Should come as no surprise then, that this was the chosen ground for part five of our campaign. As ever, we sought to convey the truth of the space itself in the ad…which is precisely why we brought in Scott. Devilishly handsome, yes. But he’s a major restaurateur and someone who’s changing the face of this city for the better. The dude is serving up dishes at an unprecedented pace, so we shrouded him in the food and drink he peddles and let his cute mug do the rest of the work. Ultimately, Scott trusted us to design a space that said, “come in, eat up, drink well, and stay a while,” and we wanted our ad campaign to state the same. Obviously, that wallpaper had to be a part of things. #nobrainer

    Our trusty pal, George Oakley, got behind the lens once again for the shoot. As ever, we’re confident that his skill translated perfectly, but you’ll have to wait until the spring issue of Utah Style & Design hits the shelves in a couple weeks to see [hint: there's a small preview at the bottom of this story]. Until then, you’ll have to be satiated by the dazzling behind-the-scenes photography of Kerri Fukui [the talent that's lately been shaping up this whole damn website] below. We marched into the space one fine morning, did some styling, and started shooting. And then–as any impeccably-designed restaurant with sensational wine and tapas dictates you must–we dined.

    finca-behind-scenes-6 finca-behind-scenes-46 finca-behind-scenes-21 finca-behind-scenes-31 finca-behind-scenes-8 finca-behind-scenes-52 finca-behind-scenes-5finca-behind-scenes-2 finca-behind-scenes-11 finca-behind-scenes-13 finca-behind-scenes-19 finca-behind-scenes-18 finca-behind-scenes-15 finca-behind-scenes-17 finca-behind-scenes-24 finca-behind-scenes-25 finca-behind-scenes-26 finca-behind-scenes-4finca-behind-scenes-51 finca-behind-scenes-27 finca-behind-scenes-23finca-behind-scenes-1 finca-behind-scenes-32 finca-behind-scenes-33 finca-behind-scenes-36 finca-behind-scenes-45 finca-behind-scenes-48finca-behind-scenes-39 finca-behind-scenes-42 finca-behind-scenes-50finca-behind-scenes-47Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 6.18.57 PM



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