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Regional Editor - 801.867.2343
Amy Tibbals lends an aptitude that runs slightly left of the COLLECTIVE mainline, and our singular weakness finds a most fortunate balance in her strength. As our Senior Editor, website manager, and unofficial steward of the brand, she’s well-versed in running a grammatically-tight ship. A smidgen of credibility afforded by her English degree, she lobbies heavily against the use of such terms as “irregardless” in her spare time. Daily watching over our site with a keen if slightly-unforgiving eye, Amy has created and nurtured the COLLECTIVE voice since day one. In effect, she does for our content what we do for your space.
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Videographer: Pat Fenelon
A Look Inside Van Cott
2/15/2018 | Amy Tibbals
We've seen this stunning Ed Dreier work of art through many years and multiple owners. We've drooled over the architecture and publicly declared our love more than once. We even helped the current owners (and our favorite people) make it their own and design the perfectly-minimal interior...
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Kerri Fukui
Locals + Culture
Sooo...Guess What?
1/10/2018 | Amy Tibbals
In the effort to find a spot wherein one can hunker down and embrace the warmth, there is one space that always comes to mind--Cody Derrick's moody condo in the Maryland building. And, wouldn't you know it? We're putting it on the market next week...
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Videographer: Pat Fenelon
Behind the Scenes | Home on a Hill
12/28/2017 | Amy Tibbals
"[Home] is a true connection where you feel like you own it and you belong. It's the center of your universe. The safest place that you go. Your sanctuary."
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