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Find Your Space | Vol. Two

  • June 27, 2014



    It’s out, folks. Part dos of our Find Your Space ad campaign has officially hit the shelves of–well–err’where, and it’s a double doozy. That is to say, two pages of two clients worth loving on heavily. Jess and Nata casually sauntered into our COLLECTIVE lives last year in the search for a mid-mod casa for two. Naturally, we did everything we could to find the very space that best suited this pulchritudinous, creatively keen pair of lovers. As we may have mentioned a time or twenty before, that’s really the be-all end-all for us…the very bottom line…the fiber and marrow of this whole damn gig: we match the human[s] to the home. Love where you live. Find your space.

    It’s a tale you’ve likely heard: beauty with personality of a surfer, the thick black hair of your dreams, and a closet filled with equal parts Stevie Nicks’ and Brooklyn badass meets tall, striking, chiseled smart ass with a love for the outdoors and a real purty set of peepers. They married in what we can only assume was the most perfectly styled wedding of southern California’s history. After some time, a change in scenery was needed. SLC wasn’t the only option on the table, but–obviously–it was the best option, and for that reason, we ultimately gained two more residents to gush about. COLLECTIVELY, we made out really well. Sure, we were able to find Jess and Nata a fantastic mid-mod in the Cove, but it all came back around in the form of some of the best photography our site has seen. In fact, many of our favorite blogs are just such thanks to the work of Jess & Nata–for proof, scroll through the goodness here, here, and here.

    The tasty space you see in the photos below–and on the first few pages of Utah Style & Design’s new July issue–is a work in progress and labor of love for these two. It always takes a touch of effort to make a home your own, and they’re putting in the time to make it unequivocally theirs. The myriad [adorable] side tables have been sourced at flea markets and shops around the way, for example, and that fan-f*cking-tastic macramé wall piece was fashioned by none other than Nata herself. That sexy black wall, the 48-star flag [‘Merica!], the lighting, the color palette…every last touch speaks to the pair living inside, which is precisely why we chose to feature them. All credit for the ad photo goes to Lucy Call. She’s our go-to for fantastic photos of stellar spaces, and once you feast your eyes on the ad itself [or her website], you’ll understand without question why we chose her for the project. All told, kids, when you find your space and make it yours, it elevates you. Life is better when you love where you live. For a daily reminder, pick up your copy of Utah Style & Design.

    jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-2 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-3 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-group5 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-20 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-12jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-1 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-16 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-19 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-13 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-7 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-34 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-group4 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-27 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-26jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-group2 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-32 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-group3 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-31 jess-and-nata-behind-scenes-30Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.58.28 PM



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