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As 2018 comes to a close, so too does another year of our Find Your Space ad campaign. It's here that we air our genuine love for those clients who are wholeheartedly on board with our deepest COLLECTIVE desire--that everyone find or create a space that is unequivocally theirs. Whether residential or commercial, modern or moody, cozy or eclectic...there's something for everyone. The Find Your Space campaign is simply our way of raving about and relishing in the good stuff.

'tis the season to be grateful, we say, for clients who understand and respect the sublime importance of space.

We first met the couple you see in the images here when they the elected the talented hands of our COLLECTIVE design crew to jazz up the interior of their new home. The cityhomeDESIGN team was more than happy to oblige, and the resulting space is one of our favorites. The pair of doctors (yes, pair. Of doctors.) wanted to maintain many of the features of the original, but also needed to bring it up to date and add some substantial color to the palette. The layout, exposed beams, existing rock wall and indoor tree would, of course, stay. Both Shaneen and Saloni are avid climbers, and to that end, it was imperative that we keep them more than a titch connected to the outdoors. Says lead designer, Susannah Holmberg, "The tree was a really substantial part of our design. Ultimately, it's the reason we chose the sunrise wallpaper and corresponding globe lights (that are kind of emblematic of the moon)."


really, we just doctored up the place.


In the effort to spice up the color scheme of the home, we sought out rich, saturated colors symbolic of Indian culture, and worked in existing art pieces from India. All told, it's a delicate, perfect balance--woods and other natural materials keep the home from feeling too stark, and a few bright 'n' bold measures keep you on your toes. It's a spot that's been lovingly brought into the 21st century, but one, stunning foot is still firmly planted mid-century. 

The pair are the embodiment of effortless elegance, and we felt it only fitting for this shoot to reflect the sentiment. See, while a night on the town is sublime from the time to time, we find that often it's the coming back that's best. The loosening of ties, the removing of shoes, the unpinning of updos. This is where you unfasten. This is where you relax. This is where you're you, sans the spotlight--and it is beautiful.

going out is fun...
but we're partial to coming home.

Take a look at the pics below for the sublime results of the day, and you can catch the full spread, courtesy of one very talented photog (George Oakley), in the next install of Utah Style & Design. See, this space is akin to the couple within: smart, striking, and stylish as hell. And sometimes, all it takes is coming back home to make you fall in love all over again.

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