Store Your Gear | Use It Here

2/18/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Jacquie Dadam

SLC dwellers are lucky, to say the least -- this land is brimming with places and spaces to 'get out'. For that very rad reason, our little family has managed to accumulate 5-years' worth of gear; anything that enables us to utilize the trails, mountains, rivers, lakes, and streets can be found in our little storage shed. And for that reason, we had to come up with a sensible solution to putting sh*t away.  First things first: keep in mind that your stuff is meant to be used. If you can't see it or get to it, you likely won't put it to the pavement, dirt, or water anytime soon. Opt for a fix that puts things in a visible, accessible spot for you [or the kids]. Secondly, be sure to use your space; all of it. Don't let under-stair or over-head space go un-utilized -- it's all gold. Truth told, any dark and dingy storage space can be transformed into the polar opposite with a little creativity. Some good lighting and brightly-painted walls, ceilings, or floors will breathe a bit of life into a space that should get daily play. Hang your bikes, organize clear bins on shelves, and create a little space to work on it all. Then proceed to the outdoors and use your stuff.

Care to store your gear here?

Contact Jacquie at the COLLECTIVE  for more information or to arrange a private showing  | 801.244.0018

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