Wallpaper Wins

10/17/2012 | Amy Tibbals

Wallpaper is multi-functional, to say the least. It adds impact, texture, color, and pattern...tells a bit of a story within your design. This stuff's been around since the Renaissance, and it's back on trend in a major way.

Wallpaper's updated counterpart comes in any color and/or graphic you can imagine. It's offered in paint-able versions now, allowing you to add 3-dimensional texture to a surface and color of your choosing; ultimately, it gives the wall a subtlety that can't be found with graphics. For those with an extra-creative bent, some companies will create custom-made wallpaper from a photo or graphic of your own. And, whether modern or traditional, the wallpaper of today is a little more timeless than the that of old. In recent projects, I've had a lot of fun with the possibilities [all of which are pictured below], so I'm singing its well-deserved praises.

Different eras speak to different methods of use and some impressive levels of creativity, so there are a multitude of applications now. A wall-to-wall commitment is no longer necessary. Instead, make it the art piece of your space. In one of our projects, we hung the wallpaper in two existing panels framed-out with molding for graphic impact. In another, I simply created one accent wall, versus covering every surface in the room. Try putting it to work in a hallway, inside a closet, or along the back of a bookcase. Be bold in your half bath. There are countless styles for every aesthetic and personality, and just as many applications that will allow for a unique look. If permanence isn't your thing, not to worry...wall primer will allow for later stripping with less hassle.

Sky's pretty much the the limit with wallpaper possibilities. If your space needs sprucing, smart to utilize one of the many talents of this stuff. Take a look at a design segment I recently did about wallpaper on CW30's Daily Dish!


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