Vita Brevis Films

12/27/2012 | Amy Tibbals

Vita Brevis Films is a Salt-Lake-based film company focusing on short documentaries, commercial film work, and some action sports. This crew is quirky, and they've got a nicely-artistic eye, as seen by the beautiful shots and charismatic stories they create. Some may even say that these fellas paved the way for the now-popular style of short docs called Craftsmanship Documentaries. Their film,  The Professional, won the Slamdance Film Festival - Best Short Documentary award [high accolades, for those who don't know]. They've recently spent bits of time in India, Singapore, Hawaii, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Washington, and numerous spots around Utah for various work. While the travel sounds worthy of envy, the job is anything but leisure continent-hopping. There's plenty more to it, so we got some concise info from the boys...

Do you guys follow any blogs? Tell us your 3 favorite: Yimmy Yayo. VitaBrevisFilms.

What attributes does Utah hold for the film industry? Location, location, location.

If you owned Salt Lake, you would...spend more time developing youthful establishments to hang out.

Who is your style icon? Bon Jovi.

Overall, why Salt Lake? It’s a great base location to call home. We travel for work so much, it’s nice to come back to cozy Salt Lake.

Where do you get your "creative energy"? Creative Energy comes from diverse life experiences -  travel, meeting new and interesting people.

Have any mentors or idols? Christopher Nolan, Roger Deakins, Wally Pfister, - all amazing filmmakers and creators.

Share a pivotal moment for the company. Winning Best Short Doc at Slamdance Film Festival in 2012 was a huge moment. We realized that we do work that stands out and intrigues people.

What things do you like to collect? Skylar collects old religious paraphernalia to ward off El Diablo.

Where do you see the business heading? We’d like to do more in feature films, continue to do large-scale commercial production, and continue to do short documentary work, which is definitely a passion.

What are you learning? And teaching? Continually learning and evolving is a part of life. We're teaching interns how to survive this cat-eat-cat world.

What catches your eye on the street? Beautiful women, ALWAYS!

Describe your ideal studio space. We're comfy where we are right now. The next one will have giant windows and a few Ferraris parked inside.

What has been your greatest achievement thus far? Being accepted to so many film festivals for our short docs has been a great honor, i.e. SXSW, LA Shorts Fest, Slamdance.

What are your long-term goals/dreams? To continue to grow the company, and to constantly improve our work.

What type of film is your primary focus? Short Documentary, Commercial Work, Action Sports.

Vita Brevis Films | 465 West 800 South | 801.860.8522


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