Utah Style & Design | Blog #2

10/13/2014 |

Not to go all Miles Davis with the horn toot-age, but we're pretty jazzed about our new monthly collab with Utah Style & Design magazine [which we first got you acquainted with here]. As we mentioned previously, on the front end of each month, you can expect some smart remarks from Cody on home, design, or real estate on the Utah Style & Design blog. Last month he put to rest some age-old listing myths, and this month it's all about finding your space [our favorite thing!]. Cody's abodes have been well chronicled in these pages, and he touches on a few of them in this month's blog: namely The Maryland, the Apollo house, and the Westgate Loft. Sneak a peek below or pop on over to utahstyleanddesign.com to read up on finding a space that will love you back [and then give us a call].

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Success! We'll get you on the list in short order! You can expect all future Friday mornings to be something of a dream...
a fresh dose of city culture, new listings, and top-shelf design will land squarely on your virtual doorstep.

We need to talk.

It'll be fun. You've got questions, and we can't wait to answer them. Don't hold back--getting down to brass tacks is kind of our thing...