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5/30/2013 | Amy Tibbals

COLLECTIVE friends of ours know damn well that we love our local artists. Amidst the hardworking and upcoming artists of SLC are those long-standing, established talents whose collections demand hefty price tags. We feel equally proud of both. A wise friend once warned me, "don't confuse value with price", and this event marks the perfect opportunity to put that into practice. The upcoming UMOCA Pop Gala will see a different spin on the silent art auction; with a spread comprised of sixty anonymous art pieces created exclusively for UMOCA by notable artists, you'll only know which artist's work you're taking home when the party is over. Here's a sneak peak of some pieces and the first peek at the list of participating artists, many of whom we've featured on our COLLECTIVE site.

Dan ChristoffersonNicAnnette MillerBrian Patterson  | Trent Alvey | Justin Nelson-Carruth | Matthew Allred | Jean Arnold |Christine Baczek | Adam Bateman | Susan Beck | John Bell | Paul Vincent Bernard | John Berry | Brian Blackham | Laura Boardman | Connie Borup | Pam Bowman | Trent Call | Royden Card | Joe Carter | Brian Christensen | Jared Clark | Mikel Covey | Blue Critchfield | David Dornan | Celine Downen | Joshua Flicker | Josanne Glass | Cary Griffiths | Paul Heath | Mark Hedengren | Lucia Heffernan | Erica Houston | Susan Jarvis | Amy Jorgensen | Christopher Kelly | Susan Kirby | Lenka Konopasek | Marilou Kundmueller | Kristina Lenzi | Frank McEntire | Elizabeth Ann Miklavcic | Jimmy Miklavcic  | Anne Morgan-Jespersen | Traci O'Very Covey | Blake Palmer | Cat Palmer | Zachery Proctor | Jeffery R. Pugh | Hadley Rampton | Jorge Rojas | Aniko Safran | Jennifer Singleton | Ben Steele | Bonnie Sucec | Cordell Taylor | Roland Thompson | Mary Toscano | Brian Usher | Sarina Villareal

Bidding starts now. Bring it.

UMOCA Pop Gala | June 1, 6:00pm | Purchase tickets here

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