The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art [UMOCA] is, in short, one of our city's most sensational features. Founded in 1931, it's since become an award-winning and highly relevant institution for the forward progression of contemporary art. Thanks to UMOCA, we residents of this salty ground have access to unparalleled works from artists the world over. And what's more, they're giving us all the opportunity to attend what promises to be a bang-up party with a ton of fun folks in attendance. No, really.

Each year, UMOCA hosts the gala of galas to give snaps to their slew of supporters and to raise funds for the kick-ass educational programs that they sponsor. At the COLLECTIVE, we are rarely ones to turn down the opportunity to eat, drink, and/or be merry for an artistic cause -- and certainly not when the invite sports a wig-wearing horse. This bash has continuously proven to be worth its weight in golden good time havin’ [as evidenced so clearly here], and this year’s theme -- Diamond Horseshoe Roundup -- has got us dusting off the full Rhinestone Cowboy outfit we’ve been dying to show off. They're calling for 'semi-formal western chic' attire, so you should peruse the contents of your closet now...when an opportunity to don bedazzled denim without the fear of ridicule presents itself, the wise ones take full advantage.

This year’s hoedown takes place Saturday, June 7th, starting at 6 pm, and will feature Western-inspired food 'n' drink, and art for auction. What's more, we've seen the list of artists selected, and we're in love with no less than half of them already [this gal is among them...and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming feature on included artists, Matthew Allred and Amy Jorgensen]. An exhibition and silent auction on May 16th will be open to the public, so get in there to see the good stuff and put your name on it [bidding doesn't close until the night of the gala]. Check out the fantastic invite below for details, and scroll down to peruse a few photos from last year's sensational good time. Then pop it on your calendar and get your tickets -- help keep our city's cultural goods blossoming and join us for some "glamour and unbridled frolicking."

UMOCA Pop Gala | Saturday, June 7th, 2014 - 6:00pm | Purchase tickets or a table here.

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