UMOCA 2014 | Rounded Up

6/10/2014 | Amy Tibbals
David Luhr & Katie Bald

A few weeks ago we gave you the hoedown lowdown on this year’s UMOCA Gala: the Diamond Horseshoe Roundup. Well, the swanky square-dance went off without a hitch, and a few generous folks went home with some stellar art and prizes. Bids were placed and funds were raised, all in the name of stoically supporting the arts [and, if one happens to get a pair of VIP Lionel Richie tickets in the process, all the better].

There was an open bar [yeehaw!], some serious goodies to be bid on, and booties in Wranglers as far as the eye could see [giddy-up]. No hoedown is complete without a mechanical bull, and our COLLECTIVE cowpokes were obviously the first to pony up [we already mentioned the open bar, right?]. Big hat-tips to Chrissy Upton and Kristian Anderson for getting us in the door, and thanks to all the night’s winners for putting your pesos in the right pockets. Until next year...happy trails, kids.

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