UHF | Preservation in Motion

3/5/2015 | Amy Tibbals

It's that time of year once again. The brave defenders of our city's sublime architecture are set to gather, to educate, to praise, and to celebrate. All in the good name of preservation, this year's UHF Preservation in Motion conference has its sights set on inspiring action in we goodly citizens--in getting us up and at 'em, from the smallest rehab project in our respective homes to community-level involvement where change is needed. We all hold the power to preserve our city's architectural heritage, and that's precisely what this conference aims to enable. No better than the good folks of the UHF to light that conservation-minded fire under our local asses. We've put it simply before, and we'll say it once more: the Utah Heritage Foundation is one of the most important organizations Salt Lake has in the way of paying respect to good architecture…and keeping it where it belongs. They've been fighting the good fight for decades, and they're due a big tip of our hats. They keep our community informed and straight-up educated on preservation matters. 'Cause preservation matters.

They've really gone all above-and-beyond this year. The Heritage Awards will be held the evening of March 12, and will include a good-time order of dinner, drinks, and an awards ceremony where you'll see the 'best of' in this year's preservation excellence [a few photos below show one of our absolute favorite past recipients of the Heritage Awards]. Those projects that stand out, so to speak--including one piece of mid-century modern work that we're particularly excited to learn all about. Having attended the last several awards ceremonies, we can attest to the good time, and tickets can be purchased at the link below. Lucky for your preservation-minded behinds, it doesn't stop there; March 13th is an action-packed follow-up, full of eduction. The conference will include sessions wherein we can all learn to repair our own historic masonry, and decipher which mid-century features of our home should be preserved. A fantastic keynote address on our state's mid-century modern movement will be given by architect and historian, Mr. Alan Hess. The topper: a walking tour of the mid-century structures on the University of Utah campus. Seriously. Sounds like a whole lot of damn fine ways to set preservation in motion to us. Click on the links below for additional information or to purchase tickets.

Heritage Awards Dinner, 2015 | Thursday, March 12th, 6:00pm at The Leonardo [209 E 500 S] | Purchase tickets here

Preservation Conference, 2015 | March 13th | Ticket packages here

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