Ugly Mag | Foxy Collab.

1/24/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Amy Tibbals

We've been saying it for a while, but SLC ain't hurtin' for cool casas. We've got more than our share of the modern type, in fact, which suits us just fine. In 2012, we helped our editor and her lovely lady find a perfect, remodeled storefront abode in the Rose Park area, and while they're still bustin' some sweet ass to make it their space, it's got a pretty good start. When the cool-as-shit gang at local, online fashion pub, Ugly Magazine, contacted us for some ideas on a photo shoot location, we pointed them squarely at the corner of Rose Park and Storefront.

There's more to come on Ugly -- we get pretty fired up when collaboration and creativity present themselves as a package -- so keep an eye out for a blog on what they do and why they do it so well. You'll see their first-ever print mag in April, and all the fruits of the labor below will be popping off real, live pages in finished form. You'll have the genius work of Michael Ori at Studio Elevn and Armand Sanchez to thank for that magic. Until then, this little photo-shoot of a photo shoot will have to suffice. Feast your tired eyes.

ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group1 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-21 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group7 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-11 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group2 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-5 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group3 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-46 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group4 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group6 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-59 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group8 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-60 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group9 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-57 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-28 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-66 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-8 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-68 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-69 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-70 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-72 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-74 ugly-mag-photo-shoot-group5 ugly-magazine-photo-shoot-77


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