It seems we’ve got a bonafide, new state holiday on our hands, people [and if ever there was cause for excessive celebration, this is it--’cause this one is right up our alley]. As per declaration by one Governor Herbert, this week [April 27 - May 3] is now officially and supremely Architecture Week in Utah [dang dong].

Architecture Week was originally begat by the Utah Center for Architecture [one of our city’s most noteworthy non-profits which provides, amongst many things, a platform for our community to discuss our stellar architectural surroundings] as a way to invite Salt Lakers “to look more closely at their neighborhoods and urban environments, and to appreciate inspired design where it occurs”.

Frankly, we welcome the opportunity to praise all things praiseworthy--especially when those things include crackerjack design. Architecture Week features not one, but seven crazy days of tours and exhibits. The week’s festivities are not only open to the public, but the cost is appetizing as well: free 99. Exhibits throughout the week include the “Rediscover Sugar House” walking tour and a “Box City” built from the ground up by some pretty prodigious elementary school kiddos. Says UCFA president Elizabeth Mitchell, “We want to encourage people to pay more attention to their surroundings--the good and the bad, the picturesque and the banal, places with potential and places that need protecting.” And with Madam President, we resolutely agree. It officially starts today, and you can see a full list of the week’s events at the UCFA online calendar at the link below. We declare a good time will be had by all.

UCFA | Architecture Week, April 28th through May 3rd, 2014


architecture-week-2014-1 architecture-week-2014-1 copy



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