Tomorrow's House | *Sigh*

11/19/2015 |


For those of you wondering where the superb little mid-century shop went that was previously next to the Green Ant (or if you’re simply looking for some rad furniture) we recommend you set your sights on the new Tomorrow’s House headquarters at 411 S 800 E. With tons of natural light, exposed brick, lofts, and multiple levels, the big, open space is the perfect one to showcase the shop's delicious mid-mod finds. For those in the lurch, Tomorrow's House is...well, it's a lot of things. Incredible mid-century furniture for sale, in-house upholstery and wood refinishing, furniture rental for trade shows, films, and home staging (the shop also buys furniture, so for those with a sweet recliner or vintage credenza that needs a little love--bring it in!). Even more fabulous: the incredible space is now available to rent for events, and you can even use the furniture if you so please (and believe us, you do so please).

The man behind the shop, Michael Templeman, is (at the very least) extremely passionate about mid-century furniture design (dude has an Eames LCW chair tattoo). This fact is apparent to any and all who walk in with a curiosity about furniture or a desire to talk shop--his eyes light up in that unmistakable way of one that loves what they do. With some influence from his mid-mod furniture-collecting older bro, Michael's obsession began quite early on. He bought his first Eames chair from COLLECTIVE chum Ron Green at age 14, and a love affair was born. With inspiring, entrepreneurial influence from his pop (who owned his own coin shop), Michael set out to create his own boutique of dreams. He started in Boise, ID, but when he realized he needed a bigger market, Ron helped him move into the spot next door to his own shop, the Green Ant. Thus, began Michael's "onward and upward"-type mid-century mission through SLC. When a space on 800 E came available, he knew it would be the perfect fit for Tomorrow's House--and to his credit, the space is staggeringly fabulous. Michael's pieces aren't just thrift-store cheapies painted teal--this is the real deal. He loves the hunt, and he'll tirelessly research and travel the country seeking out the absolute best representations of the era. “Mid-century furniture has never gone out of fashion, and it never will,” says Michael. There may be an influx of the fad at the moment, sure, but these designs are here to stay, and he'll gladly sit down to chat with mid-mod buffs and novices alike. For those that walk into Tomorrow's House and breathe out a "Wow, that's cool," Michael would be more than happy to tell you precisely why that's the case. Do yourselves a favor and pop over to buy some timeless old gems from a perfect new spot.

Tomorrow's House | 411 S 800 E | 385.222.5373

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