The COLLECTIVE Clergy | Jenny

3/8/2017 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger


Our little church of good design, modern delights, and this salty city is a COLLECTIVE, to be sure. When it comes down to it, though, we're just a friendly gang of pretty great individuals, and now seems as good a time as any to start the introductions. Get to know us, fall in love, then collect and trade all of our cards. First up: Sister Jenny Compton.

I'll break down what I know for you, then I'll let Lady Compton answer some questions of my choosing to round out the info. Jenny's unintentionally funny, which ends up being hilarious. She's a hot mom. Her relationship with gluten is volatile, and as such, they've agreed to stay away from one another. COLLECTIVELY, her official title is 'transaction coordinator', which I believe is a fancy way of saying she does everything. She's always dressed to the veritable 9's, and I can't confirm this, but I think she has a vast collection of long sweaters and boots. She's really good at red wine and Budweiser. And we'd likely be a bunch of fish outta water without her COLLECTIVE help. Get to know her. It's well worth your time...


What's your middle name? How do you feel about it? Lyn. I feel pretty great about it. It was all the rage in and around my birth year. Jenny Lyns and Jenny Lees abound.

Describe what your perfect home/space looks like:  It is clean and peaceful, yet has a bustling atmosphere. Looks like kids playing, smells like cookies, and has me feeling relaxed..enjoying time with my love.

Wham! had countless hits. Tell us your favorite[s]:  WHAM! I loved WHAM! (still do). I surprisingly don't recall the name but it went, "WHAM...BAM...I am a la la...something you enjoy what you do? If not just STOP, but don't sit there and rot." We sang it every recess for about a year.

Say no less than four things about yourself that you think are pretty great: I am a great mom, pretty good cook, a great friend, and I love life.

Describe your best day ever: Any day in the Tetons is my perfect day. Snow, rain, shine.

How has Dolly Parton shaped you as a person? I don't know that she has shaped me as a person, but I do love that gal. She is like a ray of sunlight; positive, she is her unique, beautiful self, and I love her music, too.

Give me your opinion on our little COLLECTIVE: I love the COLLECTIVE. Cody, the delicate genius that he is, has facilitated a way for us all to be amazing and create more beauty, find our "happy" our homes and lives, however big we want to imagine.

I'm afraid of the dark. What's some dumb stuff about you? Dumb stuff about me? Oh boy, is this a trick question? How long is this interview?

Who or what inspires you?  My daughter, Maya Paige Compton. She is courageous, creative, learns so much every day and loves without limit.

Currently reading/watching: I have an intimidating pile of books by my bedside. I need to hide all but one and keep focus so I can finish at least one sometime soon. They range in the areas of spirituality and entertainment...Zukav, and Paramahansa Yogananda to Chelsea Handler. TV: if The Bachelor were on currently, I would be tuned in. I have no explanation for this.

Is there something you must do/accomplish/visit before you die? I'd like to visit many more forests and lakes. Accomplish inner peace. Must do? I don't like having 'must dos'.

 Can you explain what's going on with Rihanna right now? I mean, is this just a phase, or... I would have to Google this one. I saw her on SNL and thought she was pretty darn good. Admittedly, I haven't listened to much more than the Dead in 20+years.

Why Salt Lake?  I love this city. It is home for me. It has a unique culture I think a lot of folks from out of state would be surprised in. Not to mention, you can be in killer mountains in ten minutes and the insanely beautiful desert in three hours.





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