Thayer + Milo | Wine + Design

11/21/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger & Cody Derrick

I'll tell you what I absolutely love about my job and what about it I absolutely hate. I get invited to rad events constantly [love], and then I go and I get inspired [love], and then due to said inspiration, I buy stuff [love/hate]. So really, no parts of my job that I hate - just a few that keep my cash out of my accounts. Take a peek at these Milo beauties. Really, there's nothing better than having an authentic connection with a design, a house, a building, or a piece of art. This style of furniture falls into the latter category, friends. It's nice to see something designed well, and that's precisely what a recent road show at Forsey's brought us. It was also nice to get a back story on the wildly successful Coggin/Baughman partnership; from the time they were building bedroom furniture as teens to the small factory in North Carolina where they opened their first shop. I loved their pieces before, but now I've got an intellectual foundation to validate my feelings. Many thanks to those behind the road show -- our city is always in need of a good reminder on some really great design.



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