Tastemakers | Upcoming TASTE

6/19/2012 |

We recently attended this year's Tastemakers, SLC's outdoor tasting event where you can sample delicious foods [and pairings] from some of our city's most stellar restaurants. As expected, we sampled and enjoyed with equal delight [photographic evidence below].

We have a wee obsession with the amazing food in our city, truth told. Thus, we think it only natural to add a 'foodie' section to our Salt-Lake-loving website. TASTE will be the savory offspring of Food Porn and Health, featuring a new plate each week from a local restaurant or a creative local. We'll be enlisting the help of our COLLECTIVE friends, clients, and readers, as well as some of 2012's Tastemakers. Let this be a call to any and all who love, photograph, cook, create, or simply eat food...send us your favorite dish[es]. Include a photo or two, the recipe, and the person whom we should credit for the creation.

Our sporks are at-the-ready. Let's eat.


Success! We'll get you on the list in short order! You can expect all future Friday mornings to be something of a dream...
a fresh dose of city culture, new listings, and top-shelf design will land squarely on your virtual doorstep.

We need to talk.

It'll be fun. You've got questions, and we can't wait to answer them. Don't hold back--getting down to brass tacks is kind of our thing...