Takashi & Tamara

3/1/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger


This post is way overdue. If we're COLLECTIVELY making claim to love, worship, and praise all things local and good [which we are], then this should have been done years ago. Takashi sits, legs crossed and chopsticks at-the-ready, at the tip-top of our lists of amazing sushi and locals we can't do without. Takashi [the name of both the restaurant and the talented man behind it] Gibo and his wife, Tamara, came to SLC in the 80's, having exhausted themselves of working day and night to afford a small space in Carmel, CA. And thank god they did; these goodly peeps are the reason that we Salt Lakers have access to the level of sushi rivaled only in big, ocean-adjacent cities around the world.

For our part, we'll eat essentially anything on the menu with enthusiasm: the sushi and non-sushi items are all equally celestial. Takashi made a decision years ago to spin his traditional French culinary training by combining it with some of his Japanese/sushi creations, and it's resulted in fresh, inventive, drool-worthy rolls. When he considered implementing fresh fruit, for example, Tamara was all like, "psh! what?"; but the Strawberry Fields roll [Escolar, strawberry, spicy sauce, fresh chili peppers, toasted almonds, and eel sauce] is one of the most popular on the menu. Any upright human who has eaten here and possesses a mildly-discerning palate knows that this joint peddles some seriously fresh fish. Their stock is flown directly from Japan to San Francisco, and from there to our salty city. Since we're an hour ahead of the west coasters, our fish gets served 'an hour fresher'. We win.

In the spirit of informative essay-ing and such, we've got some COLLECTIVE favorites and tips for those who might be inclined to try Takashi. These days, there's a wee wait to get in, but Tamara runs a tight ship [they open most nights at 5:30]; go early-ish. It's just as tasty before dark, and you'll be home in time for that show about addiction/singing/cupcakes. The list of favorite menu items is lengthy, but I'll note quickly that the Bincho Miguro [Albacore tuna] sashimi is perfect, the Ridiculously Tender Flank Steak is an absolute representation of its name, and the Aburi Gindara [torched Sablefish] nigiri is the greatest thing in all the lands of the universe [best to eat it freshly-torched/warm]. Our final suggestion: try ordering Omakase [oh-mah-kah-say] style. The word translates loosely to, "I'll leave it to you", which means the chef will make your selections. And you will love them.

Takashi | 18 W Market St | 801.519.9595



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