Sugar House Libations

11/7/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger


We cityhomeCOLLECTIVE-ites tend to crush pretty hard on our local entrepreneurs fighting to make a go of it. When it comes to the threesome at Sugar House Libations, we're actually towing the line of a stalker. Saw 'em at the Farmer's Market...smitten ever since.

Can't blame us, though. They're smart, savvy, easy on the eyes, and working to produce some of the best made-for-cocktail syrups that you'll ever pour down your pie hole. Yup. Syrups. Infused with the juice from organic fruits -- pear, plum, raspberry, and the like -- and mixed with spices like fresh ginger, aromatic lavender, and crisp lemon grass. Simply add them to your spirit of choice, garnish, and prepare yourself for an epiphany: up until that moment, you’ve been imbibing some pretty lame booze.

Before we get too sappy, though, let’s take little trip down memory lane. You remember high school. This is where Bobby and Kenny met and became super BFFs, bound by their insatiable curiosity for tinkering, fiddling, and muddling with shit. Fast forward a few years...Bobby meets Megan, who uses her gams, wit, and potty mouth to sweep him off his feet, and the two are married. For lesser men, such a turn of events may have wrecked the bromance, but Bobby and Kenny pressed forward. They had the good sense to combine their own mad skills with Megan's marketing prowess, and the three launched a little experiment known as Sugar House Libations.

This fine company's founded on two solid principles: 1) use only the best in local produce to create their infused syrups, and 2) pay homage to the days of clandestine speakeasies and underground juice joints. Based on their bang-up, Prohibition-Era-inspired labeling, and a fair bit of tasting [we've had plenty], we say they've COLLECTIVELY nailed both. To prove it, we gathered at Cody's so they could school us on the proper way to make a hot toddy. Find it in FOOD, or click here to warm up the right way. Don't be a killjoy; get your hands on some of this.

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