Stockist + CHC | Holiday Party

12/8/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui

This is how we like to do with our COLLECTIVE favorites: recognize the magic, help them find a space, make the party happen. A few months ago, we helped Helen find a new space for The Stockist, and they have officially settled nicely into their new digs [just across the street from their old ones]. It's bigger, brighter, and perfectly industrial, and it suits the inventory real nicely. It's more room for more of what we love. If any of you local boutique-loving souls haven’t made it in there yet, 1) you’re blowing it, and 2) here comes a perfect excuse...

In an effort to help the Stockist crew celebrate the newness, we're collaborating to throw a little Holiday shindig. On Friday [as in the 12th], we'll be Stockist-bound for a DJ, drinks, and discounts. Starting at 6:00pm, you should stop in for realsies. Concise Kilgore will be spinning and everyone in attendance gets 10% off anything in the shop. In other words, anything for less: blankets for homes, flannels and cardigans for homies, jewelry for anyone, candles for everyone--we're talking about killing your entire Christmas list in one shot, while you dance and drink. Plus, purchases over $200 get a free Stockist tote [while supplies last]. Yet another bonus: a show titled Undertone with art installations from Toby Putnam, Madisen Bollinger, and Nic Courdy will also be on tap. Think rad mixture of Asian traditional, minimalist woodblocks, hipster geometry, and dark anime. We recently stormed the shop to get a few photos and try on some sleeping bags…take a peek below for a scratch-the-surface of what you can peruse on Friday. Then come celebrate and shop local.

cityhomeCOLLECTIVE + The Stockist | Friday, Dec. 12th, 6:00pm | 875 E 900 S

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