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11/23/2015 |

"For all its idiosyncrasies and backward notions, Salt Lake City has nabbed our hearts. Our COLLECTIVE commitment to her betterment and growth is as good as temple sealed." (Read the rest of our manifesto here)

Regardless of what Thanksgiving means (or doesn't mean) to you and yours, we think it's a damn fine reminder of one particular principle that we'd all do well to keep in mind throughout the year. That is to say, we should all be in a more "giving" mindset, no matter the season. But if the idea of turkey and family and football serves to set spark to your charitable tendencies, we'll take it. Wait. No...we'll give it.

Friday morning marks our 200th newsletter, friends. Two. Hundo. We can hardly believe it. That's 200 weeks--or nearly four years--of stories, summed up and delivered to your electronic doorstep each fresh Friday morn. Two hundred times that we've started the day with a shout about Utah's amazing homes for sale, architectural wonders, stellar locals/businesses, and worthwhile cultural happenings. And they're going to keep coming, no doubt. But this Friday, we're going to switch things up a bit...

What, with it being such a great time to give and all, we'd like to steer you all in that direction. So, instead of seeing our new listings or worthy design projects this Friday morning, you'll be seeing ways in which we'd love for you to GIVE. We've chosen four distinct causes, and we'll make it as easy as possible to donate to any one of them. At any given time, there are countless groups/non-profits in our city that could use a boost…a little help from us so that they can keep doing the infinite good that they're doing. Obviously, we had to choose just a few, but we encourage you to find those that speak to you (even if they're not named here) and give whatever you can. Over the next few days, we'll post a short blurb on a few causes near and dear to our COLLECTIVE hearts: 1) Breathe Utah, 2) UMOCA, 3) the Road Home, and 4) the Homeless Youth Resource Center. The air, the arts, the locals, the love. Every last one could use a touch of help, and each story will tell you precisely how you can do that. Watch for this Friday's newsletter, and tap into your philanthropic side. Or in other words...

Read. Click. Give. 

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