The Decline of Western Civilization

9/1/2016 |

This salty town is simply teeming with fun things to do year round, if one knows where to look (hint: it's right here). There are farmers markets, summer concerts, crafty festivals, proud parades, and bad-ass parking lot parties (we'll see you there) happening near-nightly, and we do our damndest to bring you the skinny on all those fun-filled days and nights. To that end, everyone loves the movies, yes? The darkened arena, the buttery bites of popcorn, the mystifying flicker of the projector overhead. We never tire of that timeless pastime, so whenever we get a chance to delve into our cinephilic side and support local, we naturally jump.

Enter the Tower Theatre. This 9th & 9th spot is the oldest operating theater in Salt Lake, and it consistently brings us everything from local joints to internationally-revered films--not to mention proudly touting flicks from every genre. Looking to get a bit gritty and reminisce about your "alternative" days of yore? We've got the perfect midweek date night. Wednesday, September 14th, the Salt Lake Film Society will be hosting Penelope Spheeris, writer/director of the acclaimed documentary series The Decline of Western Civilization, for a Q&A about her game-changing films on the Los Angeles punk scene circa 1980. Plenty of spikes, spit, and general crassness are sure to ensue (part I boasts performances by Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Fear, Germs, and X). Part I will precede the Q&A, followed by a screening of Part III of the trilogy, which Rolling Stone called "iconic", and Variety Magazine referred to as "a bracing, stimulating and technically superb close-up look at the L.A. punk scene." Grab the gang, tap into that age-old problem with authority, and still be in bed by 11:00. Sounds like the perfect night out.

The Decline of Western Civilization Parts I & III | Wednesday, September 14th, 7:00 pm | The Tower Theatre, 876 E 900 S

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