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10/5/2015 |

Our COLLECTIVE headquarters houses more than a few architecture aficionados, design die-hards, and homies of historical preservation--in fact, our CEO sits squarely on the Salt Lake Modern committee. To say we've got a bit of a thing for buildings would be a gross understatement. This is precisely why we think the good people at Salt Lake Modern (a division of the Utah Heritage Foundation) are sippin' exactly our cup of tea. This goodly group of folks is "dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and public education about mid-century modern design and architecture in the Salt Lake region", and it's a cause that, quite frankly, fills our COLLECTIVE hearts to the brim. And, just when we thought we couldn't be any more on-board with the design-lovin' crew, they go and announce Let There Be Light--a tour of six deliciously-designed mid-mod churches in SLC. See: actual Places of Worship. The tour kicks off this Saturday, October 10th, and--for you devout modernists--directly correlates with Docomomo US Tour Day. For those not in the know, Docomomo--full working title: International Working Party for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement--is an internationally-recognized, "volunteer organization comprised of designers, architects, [and] preservationists", and is "frequently cited as the initiator of the interest in the recent past and for advocating for sites not yet recognized by the general public". (Whether the events' lining up is coincidence or divine intervention is up for debate, but we'll happily be taking advantage of the "two birds" scenario, nonetheless.)

Ain't no secret that churches have typically been home to some of humanity's most breathtaking works of art (Sistine Chapel, anyone?), and these sacred SLC's spaces are no exception. Just a taste of the few beautiful spots represented on the Let There Be Light tour: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Christ United Methodist Church, and the Salt Lake Olympus Stake Center (hallelujah!). Feel inclined to take a few photos? Be sure and tag them: #TourDay, #ExploreModern, or #HolyModern, so all can ogle. This is a fab opportunity to feast your eyes on a few of the most architecturally-intriguing spaces this fair city has to offer. Get your tickets and prepare to feel all sorts of #blessed. A-men.

Let There Be Light | Saturday, October 10th, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm | HQ: Olympus Stake Center, 2700 E 4500 S, SLC

Purchase tickets here

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