SixtyNine Seventy | Thou Shalt Judgeth

5/17/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger

We've been excited about the SixtyNine Seventy Project for a few minutes now. This inspired idea birthed at the hands of a number of designers, creators, and visionaries in our city is putting the possible fate of two Salt Lake City blocks in the hands of those that would walk its streets. Locals and outsiders, alike, have tried a hand in the competition; over 200 entries were received from a myriad of sources. The goal: to connect what's there with what's potentially coming. As one judge mentioned, "we have the anchors, but we need to connect the tissue."

Young Architects Forum Chair, Greg Walker, invited me to take a stroll and a peep at what we were working with. We toured the 69-70 block with our host, Ben Wiemeyer [you know, this dapper fella], and three of the seven competition judges. It's an impressive gang. In addition to flying in major players like Greg Pasquarelli [founding partner, SHoP Architects, NY], Cathy Lang Ho [founder and former editor-in-chief, The Architect's], and Wins Bridgman [BridgmanCollaborative Architecture], there's some local forces to be reckoned with. Kirk Huffaker, Molly O'Neill Robinson [SLC's brand new Urban Designer], Mayor Ralph Becker's Chief of Staff, David Everitt, and County Mayor Ben McAdams round out the jury, which has now narrowed the running to just 15 finalists.

The hope here is that the SixyNine Seventy Competition will inspire real dialogue and, ultimately, result in a well-planned and forward-thinking block or two of our city. The entries range from 'yowza' to 'holy shit, how is that possible?', and the pool will be further narrowed to just six finalists on May 20th. Winner[s] will be annouced on June 4th, which means you still have plenty of time to make a dent. This competition is worth your vote, folks. Go take a peek at all 15 finalists this very second and vote once a day right up until May 31st...some of these entries deserve multiple casts, for sure. Visit the official competition site below for more information or to vote.

SixtyNine Seventy Project



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