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7/10/2014 | Katie Bald
Kerri Fukui


We've got a boatload of gems tucked away in our city, and whenever we can, we revel in the chance to dust off our Indiana Jones hat and dig up some treasures for you. A block away from Liberty Park is Sequel Salon…a smart-looking spot with folks just dying to give you a killer coif. But recipients of a Sequel scissoring aren’t the only ones worthy of an admiring stare--the salon's space is impressively handsome in its own right. The mane masters at Sequel know a thing or two about delivering a supremely posh experience, from the moment you lay eyes on their building’s cleanly cool exterior, till you first feel the wind in your blowout--it's all just a cut [ha!] above.

Sequel is quickly becoming one of the salty city's staples for gettin' gussied up in a gobsmackingly gorgey space. As if you didn’t already know, we have a COLLECTIVE fascination with all things aesthetically dope, so it was a no-brainer to swoop in for a closer look, and a brief convo with the dynamic duo that runs the salon: co-owners Michael Peterson and Darin Jensen-Petersen...

Sequel Salon | 380 E 900 S | 801.532.2929


Tell us how you came to this savvy design [which we do so lurve]:  [It comes from] being in business for over 28 years and being inspired by function and clean, streamlined design. We were fortunate to be able to tear down the existing building so we could design the new one to be exactly what we needed. We especially like how the reception desk provides an intimate space, but still allows you to feel the energy from the stylists.

What was your inspiration for this rad, modern exterior? We love indoor/outdoor spaces...bringing the outside in. We love the continuous elements and glass and light. Not only do we have an amazing building we have amazing stylists. People see our building and say, "we’ve got to get in there."

How, if at all, does this design mirror the way y’all do business? We love minimal design and the high-end experience. Bringing it together in the total package. We do design; that’s what we do. We like professional, inviting, minimal, pure, sleek and timeless design, and that’s how we do our business.

Any particularly heinous challenges that you had to overcome with this undertaking? Working with the city--they were a pain in the ass. It took us a year to get all of the permits. Designing and creating we do all the time; that was the fun part.

Any collaborators that deserve a good hollering for helping to bring Sequel to fruition? Tom Jacobs Design, our architect, and Will Peterson from Scale Construction. They were phenomenal to work with.

Name some of your favorite spaces in our Salty City. Paris Bistro, and we love the patio at Sea Salt. Light Spot Modern Design, The Garden Store, and New Yorker for their cheeseburgers. We like to support creative and local independent businesses.

Will you be designing more pretty spaces in our city [pleeease]? Our experience was kind of like having a right now we say never again.

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