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12/23/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


No offense to pancakes, but the folks seen in the photos below are peddling the stuff of dreams. Saturday's Waffle is our new favorite sweet spot, and those unaware would be well advised to discover the magic for themselves. You won't find a little bistro or a server with a French accent. Nooo, noit's not that kind of joint. Should you find yourself in the Olympus Hills area on a chilly Saturday morning, make your way to the Dan's parking lot: there, you'll see the crystal-coolest vintage trailer whipping up heavenly morsels of baked dough. Flakey, tender, buttery goodness that will having you cursing your lame waffle iron and flinging your toaster into the trash. This is where sweet and savory come together in a happy, syrupy handshake. This is why you should skip dinner on Friday night…because you'll want the extra room in your gut. This. Is. Saturday's. Waffle. 

Each and every Saturday, business partners Mike Law and Richard Larsen lead their bowtie-wearing crew in cooking up some of the tastiest Gaufres de Liege in town. These are complex creations that heartily stand up to the pastries we all know/love and the standard breakfasts of typical Saturday mornings. Like their French counterparts, these delicious grids of Belgian heritage use a delicious amount of butter. In Europe, you can find them being prepared on the streets, but there's no need to make the trip. Salt Lake City is officially holding its own. Think: Bananas Foster, Caprese, Maple Bacon, Eggs Benny, and the Urban Lumberjack [a take on biscuits and gravy that inlcudes--mmm--rosemary]. The ever-changing menu has something for those with and without a sweet tooth. We fell hard for these good people when they parked their adorable trailer in our back lot for this year's Brew + 'Q, and we can safely say the same for our clients and friends who had the sense to approach the window and order up. This is the perfect Saturday morning excursion…bundle up and get in line, all. We chatted with the fellas about the dough they're dishing and what inspires them to make the rest of us so happy. Keep a-readin'...


Have you always had a thing for waffles? Tell us a little about how this all got cookin'. We make Liege waffles, a dough-based waffle with a secret ingredient. Ok, I’ll tell you: it’s Belgian pearl sugar. I first had one on a trip to Kyoto Japan about 5 years ago. Inner monologue was, “That is the best waffle I've ever had”. Flash-forward two years and my current business partner, attempting to add a creative outlet to our corporate-world lives. We decided we wanted to have a food truck that operated on our day off, so we thought breakfast...'cause who doesn’t love breakfast on Saturday? When we decided on waffles, I thought, “You know which waffle you’re going to make.” The rest is...what do they say? History.

Your waffles are sensational. What’s your inspiration? Do you frequently add new ones to the menu? We like to think of our creations as comfort food, elevated. Along with the crowd pleasers, we have monthly specials that usually are the latest combinations that inspire us. We don't think that anything can go on a waffle. Only the right things can go on a waffle...and the combinations that we end up showcasing are those that 1) sound good to us, and 2) actually taste good.

What’s with the bow ties? You fancy? Richard and I both like them. And let’s be honest...we all look good.

So, being that you guys are Saturday’s Waffle and all, what happens with the rest of the week? Funny you should ask. Richard and I recently left our other jobs, so this is officially our full-time gig. We do a lot of catering and private events during the week, but watch for us in the coming weeks…we'll be doing more retails on days other than Saturday!

Big COLLECTIVE hugs to you fellas for helping us with our End of Summer Brew + Q. We loved it. Our party-goers loved it. You do that sort of thing often? Or are you involved with charity/community work? We love being part of the community you have created! You make us love our city more with each post. One of the reasons Richard and I chose to do this is the interaction with people. We are proud to say we have been involved with several different events/organizations that help us payback the kindness that has been shown to us. We are small, but we love to help out where we can!

We know you recently unveiled a bigger trailer at your spot on Wasatch…y'all have anything else on the horizon? We are pretty busy with our new trailer...getting up and going full-time and all. We do think it would be awesome to have a Saturday’s Waffle store front…hang tight!

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