Salty Streets | Vol. One

11/19/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui

Salt Lake, We Love You.

We’re COLLECTIVELY captivated by this city of ours for a legion of reasons. She’s stunning in the summer, somewhat merciless in the winter, but pretty damn beautiful all of the time. Our adoration for the honey-sweet locals is boundless, and our superb streets are near-Rockwellian in the right light. In the interest of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, we’d like to pen a little love letter to one of our favorite necks of our favorite woods--Federal Heights. For those unawares, Federal Heights is all hidden-in-plain-site in a nook between the Avenues and the University [which makes it just shy of Zion come Fall]. The streets in this Salt Lake stomping ground are tastefully be-housed by some incredibly well-maintained [and diverse] architecture. From artfully-groomed Victorian to deliciously-minimal moderns, we’ll forever be holding a candle to this handsome neighborhood.

Last week, we took the recent surge in sublime weather as a sign that we were long since overdue for an office field trip. A few of our COLLECTIVE crew skipped up to our sister district to pound some pavement on one of its most noteworthy streets--Arlington Drive. We are appreciators of many a fine thing, and streets that look like this are one them. Massive trees lining a tidy street [particularly striking this time of year], sidewalks, lampposts, and a diverse batch of homes equate more than a few of our favorite things. Not to mention this spot looks positively paradisiacal for trick-or-treating. Distinct, timeless, and neat as a pin. Arlington, here’s looking at you.

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