Salt Lake Modern Tour | 2014

6/4/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Amanda Moore & Erik Harker

Okay, we’re just going to come out and say it: we have a huge crush on Salt Lake Modern. Call us old fashioned, but that whole “Knights in Shining Armor” thing they got going on is dead sexy [FYI: saving the former Salt Lake City Main Library and advocating for the preservation of modern and historic structures is, like, our Kryptonite]. And, if it's not too bold to say, we think the feeling might be mutual--as a member of the SL Modern board, the skipper of our COLLECTIVE ship, Cody Derrick, has all sorts of gold stars from the organization. So when Monsieur Modern, Kirk Huffaker, asked us to COLLECTIVEly pony up some volunteers for the upcoming 2014 SL Modern Tour, we were more than game to get our good on.

Yearly, the contempo custodians over at SL Modern host a tour which aims to put a few rad mid mods on display for your perusing pleasure--and 2014’s showcase in set to take place in the upper Aves neighborhood of Northcrest/ North Hills. As we’ve boasted time and again, SL Modern is a local coalition that you can officially get behind--championing the preservation and appreciation of some sensational architecture is their bread and butter. Wanna bear witness to their truly fruitful jam? Snap up your tickets to the Modern Tour and head to the upper Aves come Saturday, June 14th. The weather is set to be swell, and there’ll be smiling COLLECTIVE faces a-plenty. Come on out, get some hugs, and give some love to an exemplary Salt Lake enterprise. To get information on volunteering for the event, contact [email protected].

Salt Lake Modern Tour, 2014 | Saturday, June 14th, 10:00am to 4:00pm | Tour HQ at Northcrest Swim Club, 839 N. Hilltop Rd., SLC

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