Salt Lake Design Week | 4th Annual

9/30/2014 |

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Amen and hallelujah, we say. The Fourth Annual Salt Lake Design Week [hosted by the fabulous AIGA] is on the way, and our sincerest hope is that you'll be ready to participate in any way you can. There's something for everyone here: if graphic isn't your thing, they've got fashion. Ad hounds, there's plenty here for you. Prefer the tactile side of design? Architecture's got your back. Hand to heart, Design Week has got a touch of some fine design for everyone under the sun. We'll never turn our COLLECTIVE backs on inspiration and education…particularly when it's got to do with the betterment of our own salty society and her streets. The over all goal of Design Week? "To raise the public awareness of the impact that all design—graphic, product, fashion, architecture, advertising, etc.—has in Utah."

There's plenty going on during the week--which starts on October 13th and wraps up on the 18th--and we couldn't possibly tell you about it all. But we love nothing more than a few teasers to get you all wondering. One such awesome aspect of DW worth mentioning? The fact that Adobe [Design Week's presenting sponsor] is bringing in the one and only illustrator/typographer, Gemma O'Brien, clear from the land of Australia to do an installation piece at their building. Hell yes. They'll also host a post-workshop reception around said installation [it's a meet-n-greet] at the Adobe campus on the 14th, and one additional hand lettering workshop with Gemma here in Salt Lake on the 15th. This gal is dishing some truly amazing work, and you'd be well advised to set some time aside for this one, fellow letter-smiths.

Design Week will also play host to Volume 13 of one the COLLECTIVE's favorite series, Pecha Kucha. The profession of this session? They'll tap into the minds of the players behind Craft Lake City, and exhibitors will present ideas about DIY, craft, and creativity [held at The Fallout, 625 N 600 W]. One other thing that we find well worth a mention? That be the Beaux Arts Ball, Design Week's closing party to end all closing parties. Good people, we're on the planning board for this little shut-it-down gig, and we can tell you this--months of work have gone into making sure this ball is on point. A hint: you should come with your freak flag fully exposed and in peak party condition. The theme is a nod to that which intrigues us all, and we don't want to give away too much, but participation is the name of this dame. #dressupandfillyourcup

Over the course of this inspiring and educational week, you'll find no less than 30 opportunities for panels, screenings, discussions, walking tours, exhibits, presentations, and workshops...and you can find the details for each at the link below. We're gonna be all over this place.

Salt Lake Design Week | Monday, October 13th -- Saturday, October 18th | Event schedule here

Photos courtesty: Photo Collective Studios

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