There are those events in the world of art and design that are highly influential and well received, year after year after year. The Cannes Film Festival. The Met Gala. Comi-Con. Salt Lake Design Week. Yes, Salt Lake Design Week. COLLECTIVELY, we love what these folks turn out so much that we aren't afraid to liken them to the best of the best. What’s more...the lineup for Design Week 2016 is set to reinforce our already-glowing opinion of the event. Hosted once again by the ever-amazing AIGA, Design Week will kick off on Friday, October 14th, and what follows will be an entire week with the sole purpose of “celebrating and promoting the impact of design in Utah across all disciplines—graphic, digital, product, fashion, photography, architecture, interior, and more.” Pumped yet? Yeah. Same.

SLDW always knocks it out of the park, but there are a couple events, in particular, that have our COLLECTIVE curiosity piqued this year. For starters, we'd be remiss if we didn't point you toward the Opening Reception. You'll want to pencil this one in, as it marks the perfect opportunity to hear all about the design-inspired goodness that the coming week has in store (while you also rub shoulders with the best and brightest of SLC's creatively inclined population). Oh, and it’s sponsored by Beehive Distilling…reason enough to attend in our book. This year's Design Week also boasts a damn impressive line-up of speakers. Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hood Design Co. will be spitting some tried-and-true knowledge on how to successfully navigate the world of design (the pair will host a workshop on the topic, as well). Tanya Dreesen of the Minnesota Vikings will be doling expertise on “how design impacts Team Integration and Partnership Activation at U.S. Bank Stadium”, and “the commitment the Vikings are making to create partnerships that are tied to the local Minneapolis community.” (Given that we're so about community, it's a topic that we should all listen to.) Also worth noting: “Designing Gender," a discussion that will dive into “the intersection of marketing, design and social science, and keeping up with the realities of the people we influence.” Intriguing and relevant in equal parts, and to be perfectly frank, we're very eager to hear more.

It will all come to a riveting close this year with the Bizarre Bazaar Closing Party which, judging by the description, looks to be one hell of a time. Running with what we can only speculate is a psychedelic carnival theme, the event promises “Serpentine trails of smoke” that “invite you to enter a world of infinite possibility where creativity and creation play ringmaster and the mischievous faeries of inspiration have framed an acidic carnival for us to play within.” Don't know what the hell that means? Get your tickets, pals. Salt Lake Design Week is seven days of authenticity, ingenuity, and creativity, but don't take our word for it. Go be inspired.

Salt Lake Design Week | October 17th - 22nd, SLC | Details and ticket info

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