Staging Works | Prepare Your Space

10/26/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Phil Erickson

Staging is critical when listing your home. Really. A well-thought-out staging process can mean the difference between selling your home or not. It can affect the length of time your space sits on the market, as well as how much money you get in the transaction. If you plan to put your place on the market, it's a super idea to keep just a few things in mind...

1. Overly-personal items can distract. Family photos are a big one here. The goal is to create an environment where the potential buyer can see themselves in the space; to imagine how their own lives would work in the home. Personal photographs can be a distraction from the emotional connection you want them to make with your space. Smart to strip the home of these things.

2. Color can be tricky. The neon-green accent wall you painted in your family room can be a major turnoff for a potential buyer. More than likely, repainting it will be added to his/her mental list of things that must be done to make the house move-in ready. 'Dumbing-down' your home isn't entirely necessary, but eliminating items that are too aesthetically specific might help. Neutralizing just a tad can be a great way to show a house at its tip-top potential.

3. Unfinished projects are not ideal. Address them, we say. It's obviously not uncommon to have a piece of molding that needs repair or a hole in the wall that requires patching. It is, however, paramount that you get them fixed prior to listing your home. An incomplete project may seem small to you, but when added to all the other stresses of buying a home, your buyer may come to the conclusion that it's all just too much work. Spend a weekend attending to these minor improvements in the spirit of edging out your will be well worth the effort.

4. Clutter and storage are eye sores. This is a big one. Eliminating clutter is muy importante. The whole point is that the buyer be able to see the home, and clutter creates a wall that makes that impossible. It also gives the impression that your house does not have ample storage or space. Instead, work on pairing down the 'stuff' -- pack up seasonal clothing and put away some of the toys taking over the kids' room. This will enable buyers to see the potential, as well as the space that is there. Incidentally, it'll also mean some of your packing is already done by the time you move.

5. Space is of major importance. The way you choose to use your space can play a big role in the way your room feels to others. Too much furniture can visually reduce square footage, and an inefficient layout can negatively affect the how a buyer sees the space. Show them, instead, how best to use what there is. If you've had trouble making a furniture arrangement work, then it's possible the buyer will, as well. Lucky for you, this is where we can lend a COLLECTIVE hand. We can tell you which pieces to put in storage, which to utilize, and how to arrange them to make the most of your room.

COLLECTIVELY we're savvy. We can help with every aspect of listing your home, and staging is no exception. Call us at 801.718.6666 or email me directly at [email protected], and we'll put together a plan that will ensure that you show your home at its top-drawer potential.


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