R&R BBQ | A Meaty Thanks

1/14/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Brian Tripoli

Used to be, when someone had a hankering for some fall-off-the-bone ribs or bitchin’ braised brisket, you had to go all the way to Texas or someplace to find said tender meats. Not so these days. Say hello to R&R Barbeque, located right here in our fair town of Salt Lake City. We've owed these fellas a good ol' fashioned, "thank ya, kindly" since they catered our wildly successful End-of-Summer Brew + 'Q last year. A few hundred fine locals got to taste the smoked wonder, and we're still licking our COLLECTIVE fingers.

When brothers, Rod & Roger, started BBQing a few years back, they had no clue their favorite pastime was going to turn into a full-blown occupation. Pops was a meat cutter, though, so it's in the family bloodline. Truth told, there's no secret to what they do. It just takes the right cut of seasoned hardwood, a little flame, and a shitload of patience. Rod and Roger have all three in spades. These boys flat out know how to smoke a carcass...hog, chicken, or otherwise. Cook it low, cook it slow, that's the way this magic go.

For those requiring proof, their list of meat-making accolades reads like a Tiger Woods’ résumé [back before he let his freak flag flop out his plus-fours]. They took home the Utah State Grand Championship two years in a row, so you know they're smoking the good stuff. Carnivorous diners of SLC, pull out the telescopic fork and gingham bib you keep in the left pocket of your denim jacket and prepare for good times. Surely, this is the way dead animals were meant to taste.

R&R Barbeque | 307 W 600 S | 801.364.0443

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