The Rose Establishment

11/28/2011 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

I may or may not have started to lose sight of what, exactly, "buy local" means lately. Hear something enough, and you kind of stop hearing it. We all know the reasoning behind the local push; stimulate small business growth and, thereby, our city's economical climate, etc., etc. Yes. It's good. We should all do it. I got a reminder, though, that "buy local" actually has a face. She has a face, and a name, and a vision for her business...and, if we don't support her, she won't make it. Oh -- "she" is "Erica". Welcome to The Rose Establishment.

The Rose Establishment feels organic. I love it. A number of really great decisions were made; decisions that may have initially seemed insignificant, but were given the attention they were due. The space is raw and open (and it doesn't hurt that the building is a restored meat-packing plant in the warehouse district). The entire cafe is unplugged. A substantial amount of time clearly goes into what they serve - as it should.  It's a vegan-based menu, but more importantly, everything is homemade (local! crafty!), starting with the pure ingredients themselves, on which she'll make no compromise.  Try the amazing quinoa that Macee whips up daily.

San Fran-based, Four Barrel Coffee Roasters came to Salt Lake to train Erica in the art form of making coffee and tea; another of her employees will be headed there soon to get the same. It will undoubtedly pay off. They're few, but I like knowing that there's one more place in our city where really great coffee is available.

The Rose Establishment |  235 S 400 W  |  801.990.6270


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