Randall Lake | Studio Show 2.0

4/20/2015 |

"Local does good" is sort of our bread and butter around here, so we're COLLECTIVELY pleased as punch at any opportunity to ballyhoo on the behalf of any and all locals who see fit to do rad shit. One such salty citizen is Randall Lake. 'Round these parts we're big fans of Mr. Lake's [we've shared a few words on the stellar work that he paints here], and we were thrilled to invite you to his first one-man studio show in 10 years here. So it goes without saying that we're over the moon with the chance to invite you to yet another Randall Lake Studio Show at his space in the Guthrie Building [the show also marks Randall's 40th year in the space. Four. Ty. Eth]. The show will feature pieces from his recent stay in Paris, as well as "interiors, still life, landscapes and cityscapes of Utah and Southern California". Randall is COLLECTIVELY one of our favorite local artists, and we're solidly stoked to help him celebrate nearly half a century in his SLC studio. The show kicks off Thursday, April 23, and runs through April 27th. Pop on in and shake the hand of one of our favorite peeps [and perhaps pick up a few pieces for your own space while you're at it]. Here's to the next 40 years!

Randall Lake Studio Show | April 23rd, 6:00pm to 10:00pm + 12:00pm to 6:00pm, April 24th - 27th | 158 E 200 S 

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