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12/27/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger


Weather business just got harsh as hell outside, so the timing is right to move our booties indoors. Turn up the heat, light a few candles, pour up a glass of something downright inflammatory, and plan your next party. Oh, you don't have time for that? #Aintnobody. Not to worry, fellow lovers of a good soiree. By Proxy Co. just hit the scene, and they got some serious event-planning game. This two-lady show is driven by Stacey Adams and Angel Pearson, a duo that's had their hands in the various working parts of this biz for nearly half of their lives. By Proxy is akin to having your own little production company roll in and get dirty on your behalf. They scout, stylize, staff, serve, and plain smash it.

I've been served countless drinks by Stacey and Angel countless times; these two bristly birds have been mixing cocktails and sliding shots down bar tops for a hundred years [15 or so]. They've likely served your booze-imbibin' ass, too, from many of the establishments throughout the valley. There's no want for experience with this rig. Born-and-bred Salt Lake City girls, all that practice is about to come full circle; for an events business, you couldn't land on two more connected people. They know everyone, and they can source anything. If'n they don't do it, they'll damn sure find it. Which brings us to The Bridge...

By Proxy Co. can whip up some serious magic, but they don't do food. So, in a sort of hug-for-hug relationship, they teamed up with a couple that does the shit out of food. The Bridge Catering Company. At an Autumn Tasting event, chef, Joe Dimeo and his smokin' wife, Annika, proved to be the stuff of fancy-ass parties you see in really cool movies like Big. No tiny corn on the menu, but the cauliflower and bacon fondue had me rethinking my lifelong 'nay' position on the vegetable. I had no less than 43 of their squash and zucchini cups with whipped herb chevre and roasted pepper puree. After the appetizers, the love affair betwixt these four folks showed itself in some true pairing bad-assery. For every dish that The Bridge served to the gang, Proxy had matched it with its soul mate beverage. A harvest roll with seasonal veggies and cider molasses served up alongside a black rum apple cider cocktail; vegetable pot pie turnover with yukon gold and sweet potato puree cozied up to a glass of prosecco with a cherry tart float; and the coup de gras, a sugar cookie sandwich with pumpkin in my heart for time and all eternity with a High West Double Rye almond chai. And therein lies the wonder of what Proxy Co. does.

But it also lies in the use of space [you know we like this]. Rather than forcing you to fret and bother about where you'll throw your gig, and how you'll fix it up, you can let Proxy Co. do it for you [see below for proof]. They'll clear off that shelf of elephant-themed knickknacks to make room for appetizers, or they'll bomb the place with candles for some moody, cozy lighting...whatever's clever. You call 'em up, chew over your event, and they'll tailor it to match your space, attitude, and guest list with equal perfection. We had a chat with the gals to get a touch more about the biz. Read on, then contact them at the info below the Q&A...


How did this whole By Proxy Co. bidness get started? What for and stuff? By Proxy Co. started really a very long time ago when two adolescent girls met in home ec. class in 7th grade. That's when the bond of crafting schematics and life long friendship began...collectively, we have over 25 years experience in "making the scene". We have independently taken a long journey and mastered many skills to bring to our new adventure By Proxy Co. With backgrounds in hospitality, marketing, and creative vision, we complete the gaps that most people may overlook when planning events and foresee ultimate possibilities on any given budget. We have done events for huge clients such as Burton Snowboards, Goslings Black Seal Rum, Stella Artois, and BING for Sundance Film Festival. We have worked with countless other clients for special events including weddings, art shows, charity fundraisers, fashion shows, birthday parties, trade shows, and corporate parties.

Give us a complete list of what services By Proxy Co. offers: We're an event production company based in the greater Salt Lake City area. Proxy will help you create your perfect event in whole or in part to fulfill your specific needs. Our services include, but are not limited to: venue location scouting, staffing, stylizing, catering, bar services, entertainment, and creating unique productions that will leave lasting impressions with your guests.

How do you know so much about the boozes and the wines and shit? With a life long (after I turned 21, of course) passion for whiskey and wine, I stumbled into an amazing sales representative position with one of the leading broker agencies for spirits in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Wine & Spirits. I sold and represented brands for the largest distributors of liquor globally. My love for the beverage industry through that experience brought my knowledge of such to what I like to call, "next level". My partner, Angel, is a self taught and very knowledgeable novice sommelier/drinker of the finer things in life. We see beverages as 'fun'. You can be creative and they can become a great focal point of a great evening. We celebrate the history of each spirit and take pride in making new stories with intricate details that go into every glass.

What do you think sets By Proxy Co. apart from other event planners or companies of a similar vein? I think what sets us apart from other event services and companies is the fact that we can work with your space. We can also find you an amazing space...we'll work with your budget. We will oversee each and every detail personally and make sure your event is totes amaze!

Are your parties/events limited to a certain type, or will you take on anything at all? We don't have any limits on types of events. We like to offer full or partial services to accommodate our clients needs. For example, we are doing a series of events for a client in  which we will be providing a whiskey tasting and education in collaboration with a larger agenda. The point of Proxy is to fulfill needs of clients as they see fit. Some people don't know where to start with planning, need help with execution, or prefer the service of someone else taking the reigns. The actual meaning of the word 'proxy' is the act of doing something for someone else. That's it, that's what we do.

Tell me about your ideal event or client? What's that look like? Anyone and everyone who is interested in having, hosting, or throwing a great event. We pride ourselves on being approachable and making any event shine on any budget.

Describe your partner in crime [Angel] in one, crispy word: Homie. Mostly, I adore her, and she's my homie for life.

By Proxy Co. Facebook | Stacey Adams 801.809.6699, Angel Pearson 801.703.3140

The Bridge Catering Company | 801.347.3551



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