Pride 2015 | Glitter and Gold

6/25/2015 |
Kerri Fukui / Josh Scheuerman

At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we do real estate. We do design. We do lovin' where you live. But perhaps most importantly, we do lovin' who you are. Our COLLECTIVE is composed of a beautiful band of solid citizens who steadfastly peddle the good word of L-O-V-E in all it's facets, so we're decidedly down with any opportunity to pound pavement and toss glitter in the name of it. By our count, this year's Pride Parade was the biggest yet (nearly 40,000), so we thought it fitting to debut our crew in the lineup. It was also the first parade since the Supreme Court's refusal of Utah's appeal of a federal ruling striking down its ban on gay marriage, and as a result, more than a few gay (in every sense of the word) couples were united in holy matrimony while fabulously floating down 200 South. The turnout was tremendous, and we made ourselves known the only way we know how--in black and gold (and with a few Teslas thrown in for good measure). For all it's quirks and contradictions, we love this town, and it just wouldn't be the same without each and everyone one of y'allĀ (tear). Stay gold, SLC. You done us proud.


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