Preservation Utah | Happy 50th!

12/15/2016 |

"A building should take good care of its wrinkles." - Rasmus Wœrn and Gert Wingårdh

The importance of preserving the many beautiful, historic buildings in this state can't be overstated. And, just like with the history of mankind, it is imperative we keep the history of mankind's creations top of mind, as well (all the better to learn from, my dear...). For years, we've applauded the efforts (and successes) of the Utah Heritage Foundation, who've been fighting to protect our city's structural heritage since 1966. Their mission: "to keep the past alive, not only for preservation, but to inspire and provoke a more creative present and sustainable future." Members of the UHF work to "ensure that historic places thrive in a rapidly changing world." They "preserve, promote, and protect Utah's historic built environment though public awareness, advocacy, and active preservation," and this year marks their 50th of doing a sensational job of it. And, to celebrate their golden anniversary, the group is doing something spectacularly new. As of December 1st, 2016, Utah Heritage Foundation will officially be known as Preservation Utah (we love it)--but fear not: the name, along with the website's URL, will be the only things changing. The group has vowed to "continue to affect progress in historic preservation by helping others throughout the state save the historic places that define their communities." And that's a mission we'll stand behind for many more years to come.

Here's to you, Preservation Utah, and the next 50.

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