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11/22/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Amy Tibbals


Yo·ga \ˈyō-gə\ noun : a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Yoga's all the rage right now. But I'm not presupposing it as a passing fad. Thanks to the increasingly self-aware, this legit form of betterment has us all sun salutation-ing, and downward dogging, and forward bending and stuff. We're breathing. With a purpose. Learning how much it can affect mind and body. We're working to improve ourselves, pose by shaky, sweaty pose. We were recently made hip to the relaxing ways of one studio in particular, after a handful of sublime guided-meditation [Yoga Nidra] classes with Scott Moore. He's a co-owner of Prana Yoga, and since relaxation necessitates more of the same, we knew we had to COLLECTIVELY explore this place.

Prana was opened in 2011 by Scott, Jennifer Ellen Mueller, and Matt Newman. In short, it's where you do a bit of everything in the interest of physical and emotional self improvement. It's Trolley Square's comforting, clean, open space: every bit as inviting as it is all-inclusive in practice. According to Scott, "Prana's goal is to support the basic well-being of individuals through a wide range of yoga classes, a spa, and a restaurant. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary where people can connect with the best parts of themselves, then put that out into the world." There's a dedicated, semi-private nook for a nice mani/pedi sesh. For those looking to remove more than their socks, they've got two private rooms for massage, reflexology, waxing, and facials. They've also engaged in a mutually-beneficial relationship with the joint "next door." Café Supernatural isn't so much separated from Prana's space as it is 'floating' just adjacent. There's no wall between them, just the quiet beckon of an uber-healthy and savory menu that offers raw and vegan dishes for those who just finished breathing and bending.

We were invited to take part in the the all-enveloping services that Prana provides. One hour of restorative yoga with Scott for a soft-prop-assisted series of relatively low-key poses designed for releasing tension and toxins, alike. We'll do it. One hour of 'Prana-fied' body massage at the capable hands of Courtney. Okrrr! One plate of "Oh, lawd" in the form of a raw wrap and the Machu Pichu [steamed potatoes and veggies with roasted chili cashew cream sauce] at Café Supernatural, followed by a ginger shot. I know.

Prana may be a relatively new kid on the block, but it's a popular one. One week from today, dwellers of Farmington will be able to practice at a brand new, second location. The only dedicated yoga studio in Farmington, the new Prana will be seated calmly, legs crossed, at Station Park on Promontory Road. And while the new spot won't offer spa services, it will offer childcare for posing parents, which is essentially the same thing. Opening day will include $5 classes, giveaways, and some yoga packages at a sly discount. Seems like as good a time as any to smarten up and do yo' body some favors. We talked to Scott a little about Prana I, Prana II, and the straight-up jam that is yoga. Read on...


What sets Prana apart from other yoga studios? Is there a specialty or product you can't get elsewhere? Prana is just a special place. Our staff always greets you warmly at the front desk. We pride ourselves with expert teachers. Plus, we've got a spa and we're connected to a delicious and healthy café: all of this to support yourself, body, mind, and spirit. Prana’s design is very deliberate. It's built to be the perfect yoga studio, not retrofitted. Our floors are cork, which connects you to the Earth, both because using cork is kind to Earth, but also by making you feel grounded, warm, with a soft surface under your toes. A sustainable material, you don’t have to kill a tree to harvest cork. Our large windows facilitate illumination. The tall ceilings and spacious, open, clean studio gives the practitioner a sense of uncluttered expansion toward possibilities of mind and soul. Our clean, curved  walls suggest a fluid nature of being; nothing needs to be rigid. Plus, we decided to decorate our studio with the color and vibrancy of each student who walks in, not with stuff on the wall. The studio is the canvas, people are the color.

You're opening a new location. Awesome. Speak to that a bit. We saw a need for what we offer in Farmington at a beautiful new shopping area called Station Park. It will share many of our design elements, carry the same feel and commitment to quality for teaching and products. We will be focusing only on yoga and selling lifestyle goods (like clothes and mats). We have a really great staff of teachers and the space is beautiful. We open on November 29th. Plus, you can use your pass at both studios, so that’s cool.

You've got a sort of win, win relationship with Café Supernatural next door? Will this continue for long? We love what Café Supernatural offers and hope to keep that relationship going for a long time.

How did you get started in this whole practice? I took a yoga class once at the gym about 14 or 15 years ago and left thinking, “what was that?” I guess to some degree, I’m still asking that same question. The more I look into this amazing practice, the more expansive it seems to me. I love that it enrolls my whole person into something that is a practice; it involves my body, mind, and heart. Yoga is the practice of understanding who I am on every level. Anything esoteric aside, I continue practicing because it feels good, pure and simple.

What's your favorite yoga class at Prana? Why? I teach a really fun class on Friday nights at 5:45 pm. I love it because it is the one class a week where I play music. People show up to let off steam at the end of the week. We turn up the tunes, let our hair down, sweat, breathe, move and groove, and have fun. Then after, we go to Desert Edge and have a beer and some nachos.

You got a favorite pose? I love practicing handstand because it’s fun and challenging and because every time I land that pose, it feels like I’ve won the lottery.

Aside from the new location, what's next for Prana? How can we help? Come practice with us and enjoy our space; take a class, get a pedicure, then grab a cacao smoothie at the café. We care most about community, and we love the attention to space that cityhomeCOLLECTIVE values. And in this desire for community, Fred Rogers said it best: “Will you be my neighbor?”

Prana Yoga, SLC | Trolley Square, 602 E 500 S | 801.596.3325 

Prana Yoga, Farmington (opening Nov 29th)  | Station Park, 955 W Promontory Rd, Farmington



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