Poliform | Not the Norm

10/10/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Matt Coles


Though some Salt Lakers may not fully appreciate our little city for all she’s worth [and we certainly hope any that might be reading this blog have long since seen the light], we’ve got a pretty sweet gig going on here. We’ve got the best of both city and country living [it’s just thirty minutes from downtown to full middle-of-nowhere-dom], we’ve got a beautifully diverse array of locals, and we’ve got some pretty fantastic architecture. And don’t think that all this goodness is going unnoticed--some world-renowned businesses and organizations are starting to take notice [and we’re reaping some pretty serious benefits]. Enter: Poliform. This luxury furniture brand was started in Italy in 1970 [though it’s got roots dating back to 1942], and they specialize in things we love [think: beautifully modern, smartly-designed, quality goods]. What once was a small-time family operation [we know that feeling] now has global operations in 70 countries. In 1995 Poliform USA was established, and the neat ‘n’ sturdy products were introduced stateside for the first time. The co. has corporate showrooms in three major US cities-- Chicago, L.A., Miami--and dealers in a handful more, including--you guessed it--our home sweet home. This is the big leagues, people.

We’re pretty damned lucky to have such a phenomenal manufacturer of modernware take notice of our design scene, and our exclusive Utah Poliform dealer is parked handsomely up on Foothill [in a fabulously modern remodel, no less]. The dealership is run by Brent Jespersen and his crackerjack team of Ryan Church and Lindsay McMullen, and the trio have completed one hell of a revamp on the space. Poliform SLC have been in their new setup just about three years, now, and we must say: we really love what they’ve done with the place. It was a complete gut job--done in large part by the employees themselves. “You should have seen Ryan, hanging halfway out the window, trying to detach the awning,” says Brent. The now-actually-viewable views are phenomenal, and they are but one of the perks of the new space. “The products seem to show better here than they did in our West Temple office. It feels more like a home here. And the sunsets aren’t too bad, either.”

The space is modestly sized, but 3,000 square feet goes a long way, here. It’s a mixture of an office downstairs and a showroom up [the “stairs” here being a delicious walnut set the group installed to make the structure one fluid space]. Along with the Poliform goods [including beds, bookcases, and cabinetry], the showroom features Gandia Blasco and Blu Dot products, which had our COLLECTIVE pulses a-racin’. The place is neatly riddled with renderings, architectural drafts, and some pretty dope furniture [we’re not mad at that Wassily Chair]. “We love Poliform because they have the best interiors out there,” says Brent. “It’s a global brand, it’s an amazing product, but we also really love architecture and design.” Funny. We were thinking the same thing.

Poliform | 1625 Foothill Dr. | 801.906.8421

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