Studio 101 | Peggy Aagard & Cassie Dean

3/12/2012 |

For many of our COLLECTIVE people, Peggy Aagard is no stranger. The fiery redhead with the dynamic sense of style has been doing hair for 10 years. And, though her original passion was to train elephants, she's settled into what she loves, without question. “Hair wasn’t a dream", says Peggy, "but I knew that it could be; eventually, I went for it and I was so right."

Peggy's style comes out in her work. She says she used to obsess about the super models of the 90‘s, but she doesn’t hold anyone to that anymore. She loves, appreciates and is inspired by all things, especially hair color. As it should be, Peggy's surging with excitement for work every day. “I’m happiest", she says, "when I know that I’ve lifted someone up. It’s not always because of a great cut or color...although, I am a kick-ass color specialist. Most of the time, it’s my listening ear. I always listen!”

Cassie Dean, a blonde bombshell who has been designing hair professionally for 11 years, says that she has been impassioned about hair since birth, or that is what her Mom says anyway.  Cassie was born with long curly locks and with a mother willing to experiment, hair style encyclopedia in tow, she explored the possibilities.  She fell in love and has since realized "great hair days are freakin' great days."  It was important that she spread that joy.

Cassie finds her joy in the stories she hears from her clients who share how confidence was found, gained or bolstered by such a simple personal detail as the hair on our heads.  She finds her inspiration in those of us who realize that style is an expression of self.  Following your own style, not allowing another person or group to tell you what to do or wear.  These views, she says, help elevate the human spirit and make her job a lot more rewarding and fun.

After years in the business, these motivated entrepreneurs had a realization:  they needed a space that would match their energy in doing what they love. So Peggy and Cassie left jobs at salons that someone else owned to do things differently. They moved into a space at Image Studios [1850 South 300 West] and formed Studio 101 together. Now in a venue that allows them to run their own business out of their own space, they've got the flexibility to increase their client base as they see fit. The best part - they're working in a space that reflects their energy and personalities. According to Peggy and Cassie, clients are feeling the difference.

As is my joy in life, I was able to help Peggy and Cassie design the space. It was a gratifying treat. A space can’t just be pretty...that’s too easy. It should be a direct reflection of those who work or live inside. According to Peggy, the space has given her a renewed sense of creativity, professionalism and zest for work. Cassie says she feels like she's walking into a dream every morning.  Picture me dusting off my hands with a grin.

Peggy Aagard 801.859.1996 | [email protected]  --  Cassie Dean 801.916.2730 | [email protected]


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