Pechakucha Night | Volume 8

10/18/2012 |

Monday, October 22nd | The State Room (21+) | Doors open 6pm

Originally created in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha Night is now regularly held in hundreds of cities across the world...Salt Lake being one of them. Our city got its first taste of this amazing event in August of 2010, and it has quickly outgrown local venues, selling out to a packed house every time. The literal meaning of PechaKucha is "chit chat", and that's an apt description of the clever gathering. Comprised of select local creatives and talents, each guest speaker sticks to a '20 images x 20 seconds' format [six minutes and 40 seconds to be exact], utilizing the time to share their creative place in our city to network and inspire.

This coming PechaKucha is set to be Salt Lake Design Week's opening event. The intent is to boost public awareness on the impact that design has on our community [click here for a refresher on Cody's 2011 PechaKucha speech on the importance of space], as well as showcase the plethora of local talent that our city harbors in fashion, architecture, graphics, advertising, etc. For more information, and to see the stellar speaker lineup, take a peek at PechaKucha's site, here.

Admission: $15 in advance (, $20 at the door


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