Seems we've been living in a fog, folks. These last few months, a cloud has hung low over this city of salt, and we'll be damned if it hasn't dampened our spirits. The Lady Inversion is a cruel mistress, and she takes her toll in many-a way: gloomy skies, a raspy throat, and above all, absolutely nothing else to talk about at the water cooler but the piss-poor air quality. But things are looking up! These last few weeks, the clouds have parted and the sun is spreading its grand hands across the Valley. Our lungs, hearts, and minds are open, and as a result, we're craving some serious intellectual stimulation to shake the last bit up smog from our spirits. Feeling a bit of the same? Then you'd do well to mosey on down the upcoming PechaKucha Night SLC, Vol. 17. For those not aware, PechaKucha Night is a chance for a few well-spoken locals to present on a theme using the 20x20 format (each guest speaks on 20 slides 20 seconds each). Originally held at a bar in Toky0 in 2003, PechaKucha nights are now happening in cities the world over--including, thankfully, our own S L of C. This 17th volume of our local PechaKucha Night is the 3rd annual Women in Architecture-curated event, so you can expect to hear from a few fantastic gals that know their stuff. Speakers include civil engineers, architects, attorneys, physicians, dancers, cartoonists, and chemists, so we don't think it's possible to leave unenlightened. Food, drink, and architecture speak? Sounds exactly like our cup of tea.

PechaKucha Night, Vol. 17 | Thursday, March 18th, 7:00pm | 638 S. State Street

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Pecha Kucha Vol. 17


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