The Other 'SLC'

11/25/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma


Just about every ‘scene’ in our thriving beehive of a city is blowing up: architecture, food, art, bars…creativity is at an all-time high around here, and it's f*cking fantastic. Come to that, our motorcycle scene is seeing a pretty major surge, as well [sounds like a fun place to live, right?]. Tasty two-wheelers are rumbling 'round aallll our streets as of late, and they run the gamut: vintage Hondas to classic Harleys to bobbers, cafe racers, and full-blown custom jobs. The allure of a hog is pretty strong, am I right? And to serve the spectrum of riders and their respective preferred bikes, a new shop has opened its garage doors to all types for all types. Suicide Lane Cycles [there it is…SLC] is perched on State street and prepped to get your proverbial [and actual] motor running. Owners Davy Bartlett and Nikolas Garff are kind of a dynamic duo; these guys do it all. Vintage or custom; American, Euro or Japanese; choppers to brats; tune-ups to custom fabrication.

Both Davy and Nik have a life-long history with motorcycles, having learned to ride and tinker from their fathers and grandfathers. They're not just garage rats--both went on to get a higher education. Nik graduated from Wyotech in metal work, and can fabricate damn-near anything. Davy just graduated from SLCC, and took 3rd place at the Skills USA nationals for his performance in small-engine repair [you can also find him behind the bar of FINCA, whipping up fancy drinks]. But know-how be damned [not really], these fellas are dishing some legit customer service. Two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet...motorcycle shop pretentiousness doesn't live here. This is the place for riders of any ilk; the lifers are as welcome as the newbies [see: my '79 Motobecane moped swagger, shown below]. About the shop name? They're well aware of the dangers that come with motorcycle riding, but they're doing what they can to build safe bikes…without compromising service or sex appeal.

The shop is a work in progress, as we suppose any motorcycle shop should be. It's in the historic Carl Winter Co. building on 700 South, just west of State St.–a 100 year old automotive business. Unoccupied for decades, the guys have put months in, organizing and repurposing the time capsule. There's been countless trips to the dump and recycling centers, and 700 lbs of scrapped steel, and things are taking shape. Soon, they'll be carrying myriad accessories and bad-ass helmets [Biltwell], clothing, products for the bearded/mustachioed riders, and coffee. Watch for it…this is about to be the ideal place to stop in, shoot some shit about your scrambler, and set yourself up for riding hella dirty.

Suicide Lane Cycles | Facebook

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