One Beautiful Meal

7/25/2013 | Amy Tibbals

The benefits of the farm-to-table movement run beyond a solid Portlandia skit. There are countless reasons to support the effort, including benefits to health, environment, and local farmers, to name a few. Truth told, it's gaining loads of momentum and all the cool kids are doing it. No, really. Local food bloggers, SLC Foodie and Alty, have teamed up with Provo farmers, Le Naye Ferme, to create One Beautiful Meal in celebration of Utah's creatives over a nutritious dinner. It doesn't get more fresh than this gig -- just a few short hours before guests arrive for the event, Chef Matthew Lake [from ZY Restaurant] will tour the farm to pick ingredients that strike his fancy and inspire the tasty result that we'll call 'supper'. Care to know the "creatives" we speak of celebrating? The list is lengthy, but we'll name a few: Cody Derrick [ahem], Scott Evans [owner of Pago & Finca], Levi Rogers [owner of Charming Beards], Evan Lewandowski [cheers], and David Perkins [founder of High West...aaahh, whiskey]. Foodies will love this [sold out] event, and we happen to think it's an incredible idea. Watch for the next one, guys...there's sure to be more of the good stuff.

One Beautiful Meal | Le Naye Ferme | July 26t, 6pm | SOLD OUT 



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